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Vacancy Rewards reveals that San Francisco is green, clean, and organic and stands out as a perfect holiday destination where you can relax and any number of lively experiences. San Francisco is known for many things, including its cosmopolitan nature and iconic tourist attractions like the San Francisco Opera House and the Golden Gate Bridge, which stand out as two of the most historical architectural monuments of San Francisco.

If you are traveling with family members of different ages, a trip to San Francisco’s child-friendly Exploration Museum is a must.

Vacancy Rewards states that it is an unusual and unique museum where the adults and kids can try to sculpt clay people and other assorted creatures with multi-colored clay, enjoy interactive experiences, digital design artwork, and can even star in their music videos. These are experiences that you will not be able to enjoy anyplace else, and they will undoubtedly create memories that the whole family will remember for a lifetime.

International visitors and locals both know that there is a wealth of hiking trails and an underground scene worth digging for in San Francisco. It sure holds fun for the adventure-seeking tourists who want to explore and enjoy every place of their holiday destination.

Coit Tower is a prime location for sightseeing, and tourists who work their way up its steep climb will be rewarded with some of the best aerial views of San Francisco. The Coit Tower is covered with about 19 murals painted by multiple different artists from California, and the tourists love the creativity in them. The Coit Tower is a fantastic photo opportunity for both the walls painted throughout and the views from the top.

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Visitors to San Francisco are enthusiastic about a San Francisco vacation because of its distinctive climate, hilly streets, and famous landmarks, according to Vacancy Rewards.

Take a stroll along Fisherman’s Wharf and delight in some of the freshest seafood you will ever taste. And for dessert, not too far away is the iconic Ghiradelli Chocolate factory where you can sample their wonderful indulgences and purchase excellent gifts to take home to family and friends. However, no trip to San Francisco is complete without making a trip to Alcatraz. It is the city’s famous island prison that was home to many historical criminals. The Alcatraz tour is a favorite of all San Francisco visitors because of the island’s colorful history.

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San Francisco is also well known for its extensive Chinatown. This area of the city offers excellent dining and shopping, not to mention many ways to discover the city’s Chinese culture. The city has a well thought out mass transit plan so you can travel by either light rail, bus, or trolley car to most areas of the city. Choosing to go this way is extremely helpful, and budget-friendly as parking your vehicle is both challenging and expensive in most parts of the city, according to Vacancy Rewards. San Francisco is also home to many beautiful parks and outdoor locations, including the Presidio where families can spend an afternoon or evening having a picnic in lush and historical surroundings.

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