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Vacancy Rewards reviews shopping in Los Cabos offers a unique experience compared to the US or Canada. While visitors often enjoy browsing for arts, crafts, and t-shirts, you may need to do some grocery shopping as a new resident staying for an extended period.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of stores in Los Cabos. To help you plan your supermarket trip and maximize your time at the beach, here is a helpful guide and summary of each store’s offerings.

Vacancy Rewards reviews In addition to supermarkets such as La Comer, Soriana, Chedraui, Wal-Mart, La Ley, and Costco and City Club, there are also superstores like Costco and City Club.

Additionally, smaller markets, such as Santa Carmela Market and Baja Ranch Market, carry products that larger stores still need. Choosing a favorite store is up to preference and convenience, but there are a few favorites for specific products.


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Costco here and Costco back home are the same. Your membership will work. If you live here full-time, get the Executive Membership and save 2% annually!

City Club has many great products, but you need a membership to access this Big Box store. Soriana owns City Club, the Mexican equivalent of Costco. Visitors can purchase day passes, and memberships are relatively affordable, so they may be a good fit for those looking to save on some products. However, only a few US/Canadian brands are available, primarily Mexican brands, according to Vacancy Rewards.

The Wal-Marts here are similar to your local Wal-Marts back home, but they have better options than the veggies, meats, and deli sections. However, they have low prices, regular specials on fruits and vegetables, and a pharmacy.

La Comer, Chedraui, La Ley, and Soriana are the big four for supermarkets.


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Visitors and residents from the US and Canada prefer La Comer, as it is spotless and well organized, has a great vegetable and fruit selection, a fantastic deli and bakery, and an entire aisle of imported goods.

In addition to American products, Chedraui is across the street from La Comer. They are also located on the same side of the road as La Comer.

La Ley Express is just 3km from Rancho, a tiny supermarket perfect for a quick stop for chips, soda, or ice but not for complete shopping.

· Soriana is the largest supermarket in Cabo—a large bakery and deli with some excellent products and great deals on weekday fruits and vegetables. Soriana has the disadvantage of being the most crowded option, even though it sells clothes and electronics and has a food court.


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Walmart is the most convenient option, or La Europea, a fully stocked liquor store in the same plaza as Walmart, is the Cabo version of Total-Wine.

The smaller markets, Baja Ranch Market and Santa Carmela are designed for residents. Visitors looking to do a full shop here will pay a high premium. For example, Cadbury Eggs are only available at Santa Carmella during Easter. You will not find certain specialty sauces, spices, or potato chip brands at the superstore at Baja Ranch Market.

Vacancy Rewards offers the best option for Costco members and La Comer owners. Costco is a little farther away, while La Comer is just a few minutes away!

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