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Vacancy Rewards explains Planning family trips can be stressful, and traveling with pets can be even more stressful. You must ensure your pet is safe and secure during the journey.

The Best Tips for Traveling with Pets from Vacancy Rewards

The more you plan and make arrangements in advance, the more your pets will be prepared for travel, and the more enjoyable your travel experience will be for you both. There will always be unforeseen complications, but following these steps will make them much less likely.

Best Tips for Traveling with Pets from Vacancy Rewards

At least ten days before traveling, Vacancy Rewards recommends that tourists get their pets a veterinary checkup. Most airlines and other travel carriers require a recent medical certificate to prove that your pets are healthy enough to travel and are vaccinated.

In addition to bringing a leash, food carrier, dog bed, medications, water bowl, treats, and water, you should also get your pet’s favorite food and toy.

Traveling with Pets from Vacancy Rewards

Buying a pet carrier approved by USDA rules and regulations is always recommended, marking it clearly with “Live Animal” and identifying its upright position on all sides.

When traveling internationally, write “Live Animal” in the language of the country you are visiting. Do not lock the carriers so airport personnel can assist your pet in an emergency.

Child Playing On Ocean Beach. Kid At Sunset Sea.

As part of the Vacancy Rewards recommendation, tourists should also label their pets with their current contact information in case they lose them. Book a direct flight for your pets whenever possible, as a non-stop flight reduces their stress during travel.

Before leaving home, ensure your pet gets plenty of exercises, drinks enough fluids, and eats a small meal. This will help your pet feel tired during travel time and may sleep most of the time. You should also avoid arriving too early at the airport, as the hustle and bustle may frighten your dog or cat.

Best Tips for Traveling with Pets from Vacancy Rewards

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