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Vacancy Rewards Reviews believes that if you are looking for a memorable vacation destination, then Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is an excellent choice. From spending your morning or evening hours on sunny beaches to playing golf to exploring the Vallarta Botanical Garden, Puerto Vallarta is, without a doubt, an excellent place to vacation with your family.

Los Muertos Pier by Vacancy Rewards

Vacancy Rewards Reviews recommends visiting Los Muertos Pier during stunning Puerto Vallarta sunset.

With the help ofVacancy Rewards Reviews, you can explore some of the many activities that are family-friendly like horseback riding, scuba diving, or whale watching trips that are all at affordable prices. Puerto Vallarta offers something for people of all ages, and activities that can fit anyone’s budget. This is a destination that will appeal to a wide variety of individuals, couples, and families.

If you are looking forward to learning a few things about the history and cultures in Mexico, then taking a Vallarta city tour is something you will want to consider. Vacancy Rewards Reviews recommends city tours because you will learn about Mexican culture. The city tour includes understanding how they make tequila at their local refinery, shopping at local artisan stores, and stops at overlooks that offer fantastic views of the city, mountains, and the bay. Other great photo opportunities include a walk along the famous downtown boardwalk, known as Malecon. Here you will find multiple statues and artwork that are picture-worthy and also an outstanding view of the beach along Banderas Bay.

Another fun activity that is popular in Puerto Vallarta is riding an all-terrain ATV into the Sierra Madre Occidental’s countryside or along the Pacific coast. Rentals are readily available throughout the city, and the tours enjoy fantastic views of the river and the surrounding mountains. Vacancy Rewards Reviews wants to remind you to take your camera with you on the ATV tour as you will have plenty of opportunities to take pictures and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Another favorite yet lesser-known activity in Puerto Vallarta is bird watching. With its enormous diversity of wildlife and habitats, Puerto Vallarta offers the nature lover a chance to encounter some of the most beautiful, yet rarely seen birds in North America. Here you can explore the oak and pine forest, coastal regions, and mangroves located in the Sierra Madre forests along the river. Few places on Earth offer the same type of biodiversity as Puerto Vallarta, so Vacancy Rewards Reviews recommends the real nature lovers visit here.

Church in Puerto Vallarta

In conclusion, Puerto Vallarta can offer everything you are looking for in a tropical vacation plus a lot more. This Mexican city is a fantastic destination for families, couples, and individuals because you can tailor your trip to precisely the type of vacation you are looking for. You can make your trip relaxing, engaging, or adventurous just by the activities you choose because Puerto Vallarta offers it all suggests Vacancy Rewards Reviews.

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