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Vacancy Rewards Reviews the best destinations, so our members get the most out of their vacations. Vacancy Rewards Reviews want you to have the experience of a lifetime, so today, we review one of the top destinations, Cancun.

Are you bored with the monotony of place, culture, day-to-day routines, and even climate? We at Vacancy Rewards understand the natural yearning for a change of scenery, which is why we would love to help you explore a tour of Cancun, the cradle of beauty and serenity.

Playa del Carmen beach in Riviera Maya Caribbean at Mayan Mexico by Vacancy Rewards Reviews


The destination is on the Caribbean Sea coast with the most upscale of resorts that Vacancy Rewards, and all kinds of fantastic sites and sights. You would never get enough of the joys this heaven has to offer. The accessibility of the hotel zone from the airport is relieving.

The city also boasts a beautiful island off its coast, accessible by ferry. If you are up for it, Vacancy Rewards will make sure you get a chance to visit the captivating archaeological sites therein.

The city’s epitome of beauty lies within the Xel-Ha Park, a natural aquarium. It plays home to hundreds of marine wildlife species and the continuous deployment of flora. Within the park are a turtle reserve and a shark fence that marks a lagoon where the public is allowed to swim and snorkel.

Tubing snorkeling swimming Xel-Ha National Aquarium Mexico with Vacancy Rewards Reviews


Tubing snorkeling swimming Xel-Ha National Aquarium Mexico with Vacancy Rewards Reviews

For this reason, Vacancy Rewards recommends that you bring along snorkeling equipment so that you may enjoy warm wade. In this park, there is an assortment of water activities such as scuba diving and, the most fun of all, swimming with dolphins.

This far from fair city harbors the second largest coral reef in the world, which is part of why Vacancy Rewards is particularly interested in it. If you aren’t a deep-sea diving fan, we implore you to rethink your attention once you land in Cancun.

mother, kid in snorkeling

The Great Maya Reef is the most beautiful sight in creation. Deep-sea divers in this reef get to behold the most underwater life in one place. It holds 25% of all sea wildlife. The water here is warm and crystal clear. The incredible beauty of the reef is like nothing else. Vacancy Rewards hooks you up with all the scuba diving and snorkeling equipment you will need.

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