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Vacancy Rewards Reviews visits the capital city of Baja California South, the beautiful city of La Paz. La Paz is a city of about 300,000 people and sits on the Sea of Cortes, it is a unique spot, as the bay it sits on curls you can watch the suns the over the Sea of Cortes is a wonderful site.

Vacancy Rewards Reviews experience the Malecon, the waterfront boardwalk, for a beautiful walk or drive that stretches for miles past all of the restaurants and hotels and into the beach zone of La Paz.

The Malecon in La Paz by Vacancy Rewards Reviews

The Malecon is great for taking a pleasant stroll or roller skating or even a nice bike ride, and guests cans top at any of the many waterfront cafes and sip a coffee or tea and enjoy the stunning views of the La Paz Bay. Vacancy Rewards Reviews also strongly recommends guests take a city tour of La Paz and tour the many beautiful Cathedrals and churches; there is so much history in La Paz.

harbour la paz baja california mexico

The City is filled with new modern architecturally designed buildings and many old designs; it is an exciting mix. There is also a significant number of restaurants in La Paz, and Vacancy Rewards Reviews thinks you should check out their seafood. La Paz is famous for having the freshest seafood due to its unique geographical location on the Sea of Cortes. The fish tacos, new shrimp cocktails, and ceviche are second to none in La Paz, and to enjoy a fantastic meal while gazing out over the crystal clear waters is a great way to spend an afternoon.

Vacancy Rewards Reviews ensure you will find more than enough fun and exciting things to do on your next visit to La Paz, either for the day or even a full week or more trip! With a Vacancy, every vacation is a sensation, and life is too short not to have the most out of life. Travel more for less with Vacancy Rewards.

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