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Vacancy Rewards reviews that one of the top reasons travelers want to visit Mexico is the many different vacation styles it offers all within one trip. Travelers can relax while also experiencing adventure or going out about the town. While many visitors flock to the beach or the poolside, many others want to experience adventure, play world-class golf or have the best day of fishing ever.

Vacancy Rewards reviews travelers’ comments from around the globe who are vacation planning are also looking for a vibrant destination that offers a glimpse behind the culture and history of the people who live there. During your next vacation planning session, be sure to research Puerto Vallarta’s area to learn more about the country’s history. Of course, visiting it is a much better way to become acquainted, especially during one of the country’s most famous holidays.

Day of the Mexican Flag Celebration

Vacancy Rewards highlights information about one of the top celebrations that genuinely celebrates the Mexican lifestyle.

All those hoping to explore learning more about Mexico’s history and getting to experience the pride the people have in their heritage will want to visit Puerto Vallarta on the 24th of February. This holiday, known as the Day of the Mexican Flag, celebrates Mexico’s country and its customs and traditions as a whole. Everyone gathers in Banderas Bay and bring out all different sizes of boats decorated in celebration. As the waters and shoreline fill up with locals and visitors, the ships with many different colors of sails glide by the crowds.

Triton and Nereida sculpture at Puerto Vallarta Mexico

Sailing on the scenic waters of Puerto Vallarta, enjoying Bandera Bay’s charming and beautiful sights, is the utmost of relaxation. Many different food and souvenirs are offered throughout the day, and the night-time celebrations and events continue long into the early morning hours. This celebration is an excellent opportunity to socialize while meeting new people that may become lifelong friends. Vacancy Rewards review of the Day of the Mexican Flag in Puerto Vallarta concludes by recommending this exceptional experience to anyone who would like an authentic glimpse into the Mexican people’s proud heritage.

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