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Vacancy Rewards Reviews directs the beach lovers straight to the south of the island as there are many beautiful beaches to enjoy swimming and water sports in. While the tourists who prefer exciting adventures should travel towards the north can book on its Rainforest Adventures and loaf around in its black sandy beaches.

Vacancy Rewards Reviews knows that Puerto Plata’s breeze and gentle swells have made it the perfect destination to enjoy water sports like Kitesurfing, Wakeboarding, and Windsurfing. A visit to its Ocean World in Puerto Plata is a must for the family vacationers as the kids get to enjoy the sea-lions, dolphins, and Bird Shows. You should take advantage of the opportunity to dance and swim with the friendly dolphins and get close and personal with sea creatures. Dancing, swimming, and petting these magnificent creatures are the highlighted experience of the Ocean World of Puerto Plata.

Puerto Plata by Vacancy Rewards Reviews

Vacancy Rewards Reviews states that tourists interested in enjoying whale watching excursions head to Lime Kiln Point State Park on the western side of San Juan Island.

April through August is the best time to watch out for the migratory whales when holidaying in San Juan. Tourists can even stop at the location during summer to learn about the park’s history, view water exhibits, and find Orcas and marine mammal facts from its interactive computer stations. Vacancy Rewards Reviews says that if the tourists want to indulge in more fun-filled, exciting adventures, they can enjoy a kayaking adventure around the San Juan Islands. Bald eagles swoop over the clear blue sky to scan the emerald waters for fish and Orcas dance and dine in the salmon laced sides. Sea Kayakers enjoy all these experiences eye to eye with the living creatures.

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